Do I need to make an appointment to visit DIAMOR?

As wholesale and manufacturing business we are open office hours. Please make an appointment and we will see you at your convenience. An appointment will also help us cater to your needs and prepare stones for your selection in advance, saving you another visit.

Does DIAMOR offer certificates for the diamonds we buy?

DIAMOR offers GIA Certificates for all diamonds over 0.50ct. For smaller stones certificate can also be arranged.

Does DIAMOR offer valuations for the Insurance?

Yes, DIAMOR will produce a valuation for Jewellery replacement for the insurance purposes at no extra cost, with detailed description and photograph of your jewellery.

Where do DIAMOR diamonds come from?

The diamonds for jewellery created by DIAMOR are purchased from global sources complying with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme and The System of Warranties applicable to the industry standards for the purchase of diamonds from non-conflict areas.

What happens if my fiancée does not like the ring I have chosen?

If the ring is purchased from DIAMOR stock we will be happy to exchange it to any other ring of equivalent value from stock or at no extra cost we will produce a new ring to make her happy.